10 Best UK Coffee Roasters

For those who that need to save a few bucks, 10 Best UK Coffee Roasters will help find your best option for home mojo brewing.

10 Best UK Coffee Roasters

Many people enjoy Brazilian coffee along the day, but, as with all
quality coffee in coffee shops, it can be a bit above budget for some. A coffee brewing system and some fine origin, freshly ground, beans can help you save some money in the long run.

Home coffee cups (black) can run around 0.20. When you compare that to the price they charge at cafés, you start seeing the difference in your pocket.

You have the option of buying mass market coffee and come up with fine results, of course, but I do suggest you try skillful coffee roasters found across the land who can suggest the perfect blend for you.

Many of these roasters have Brazilian coffee options that we highly recommend you try. Delivery across the UK is also an option in most cases.


10 Best UK Coffee Roasters - Ancoats

Ancoats Coffee Co, Manchester

Located in an old Manchester mill, Ancoats Coffee Co hand-roasts all their coffees in small batches, and there’s always a perfect blend for you.

You can order as much as you want directly in the cafeteria-store or even sign up for long-term delivery programs.

The have a Brazilian coffee option called

Rainha Da Paz – Brazil.


Unit 9, Royal Mills, 17 Redhill Street, M4 5BA




Artisan Roast, Edinburgh

Scottish coffee roasters Artisan Roast started in Broughton Street, Edinburgh in 2007. Nowadays the roastery is located somewhere else in the Scotish capital, but you can buy their freshly ground coffee from any of their cafes. They also have an online subscription program.

Their Brazilian options is:



57 Broughton Street, EH1 3RJ



10 Best UK Coffee Roasters - Dear Green

Dear Green, Glasgow

While there aren’t hundreds of different blends to choose from here, Dear Green offers a good enough variety of great coffee; An ideal flavor for every mojo drinker.

At the moment, it seems that they are favoring their subscription system in detriment of selling per bag directly since they have a sold out sign on every individual product.

Their Brazilian option is:



5 Airds Lane, G1 5HU




Square Mile, London

Square Mile Coffee Roasters supply over 70 cafes in East London and across the UK and Ireland. The have over two decades of coffee knowledge and won multiple awards. They also sell online inside and outside the UK. (read review)



Extract, Bristol

Bristol roasters at Extract are always working on making better coffee for us on their 60-year-old roaster called Betty and on their newer machine called Bertha.

They do not offer an obvious Brazilian origin coffee, but I bet that most of their blends carry our best of the best mojo beans. Every good coffee has Brazilian grains.


Unit 1, Gatton Road, BS2 9SH




North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds

North Star was the first ever micro-roastery in town. The roasters here present exciting nine distinct blends which they create seasonally and to order to ensure freshness and the best possible taste. Their three-month subscription service is slightly different to most, but ideal for someone who needs a constant supply of coffee.

This one also does not offer an obvious Brazilian origin coffee, but it’s possible that some of their blends carry some of our finest. Every good coffee has Brazilian grains.

Unit 27, Penraevon Industrial Estate, Penraevon Avenue, LS7 2AW




Ouseburn Coffee Co, Newcastle

Newcastle’s first autonomous coffee roastery was established in 2012 when a group of local roasters and baristas teamed up to make their mark on the local coffee scene.

Another one with no apparent Brazilian coffee presence.

Foundry Lane Studios, Foundry Lane, NE6 1LH




Quarter Horse, Birmingham

Quarter Horse were a cafe first and then a coffee roaster. This means that they know about their customers taste. Three years after starting in 2012, Quarter Horse opened a second store-roastery in Birmingham’s Southside.

Despite the lack of visible Brazilian coffee presence, they do have some interesting blends of origin coffees. Let’s just hope they expose the use of the best coffee in the world some day.

88-90 Bristol Street, B5 7AH




Foundry, Sheffield

Foundry is a family of roasters that will also grind your coffee before posting if you ask them too. As a smaller, family owned business the options are not wide, but solid.

Most of their coffee is from Africa.

9 Nether Edge Road, S7 1RU




Uncommon Ground, Cardiff

Another independent cafe-roastery hybrid, Uncommon Ground is a small but mighty figure on Cardiff’s coffee scene according to my reliable source there. Unfortunately, this is the best information I can give you at the moment, but my friends tells me it’s really worth a try.


10-12 Royal Arcade, CF10 1AE – uncommon-ground.co.uk



6 thoughts on “10 Best UK Coffee Roasters

  • 2017-01-06 at 5:26 pm

    Just looking at this site i want a coffee, no I need a coffee. It is amazing how your day is enhanced with a good cup of coffee, and Brazilian coffee in particular witch is spectacular blend.
    I was wondering in your list you mentioned Ireland i was wondering if you could give me details for Ireland?

    • 2017-01-07 at 10:02 am

      Hello, Gareth,

      Besides that address in Cardiff, and the places in Scotland, we still are missing an option in Ireland. We already have discussed it in a pre-briefing and the idea is to inform the best places and forms to drink coffee in Ireland too. So, keep in touch, buddy! Cheers!

  • 2017-02-04 at 7:06 pm

    Brilliant! I’m from Glasgow so now I know where to go for a great coffee without having to go to Costa or Starbucks lol. Probably saving a few pounds as well.

    I know this might be a difficult question to answer but I’ll ask anyway because I’m curious, which out of the ten is your persoanl favourite and why? It’s probably unlikely that’ll visit them all so it’s probably a good idea I check out the best one.

    • 2017-02-13 at 9:18 am

      Hello, Lyle,

      You’re right! That question is difficult to answer. I think, that if someone should ask me today: “Hey, buddy, let’s go for a coffee evening with friends!” and all 10 options were equally available… well, I guess I’d pick Artisan Roasted Coffee at Broughton Street. It has this mood, you know? Also, Artisan has a wonderful Brazilian coffee option.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. Cheers!

  • 2017-03-03 at 2:34 pm

    I’m a big fan of coffee as I usually consume about 1-2 cup of coffee per day.
    I don’t know about U.K but the coffee scene in the U.S is filled with Starbucks and Starbucks alike products, which is mostly sugar and creme with coffee instead of traditional coffee. You can’t really smell the difference between the roast over here, unless you are a religious coffee drinker.
    Again, nice post ! Looking forward to your other post that I can relate to in the U.S

    • 2017-03-11 at 8:34 pm

      Hello, Marvin,

      Thanks for sharing you opinion and support. Yes, those are already on my to-do list. I intend to wrire articles about coffee roasters for each major region or state in the United States.depending on concentration. Cheers!


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