Abraco Coffee Shop NYC

Abraco Coffee Shop NYC

Abraco Coffee Shop NYCAbraço is a coffee shop in NYC that embraces their customers with great pastries, music, mood, and, of course, fantastic mojo. Check it out!


The owners started Abraço in October 2007 inspired by Spanish and Italian cafes.

Since the beginning, they strived to create a rich, stimulating atmosphere that would go beyond their small boundaries.

They love to love and provide great food, coffee, and music.

Abraço’s ingredients are mostly organic and seasonal. Their coffee is roasted with passion.

Every day, their coffee shop shines with the vibrant music that inspired their name.

Abraço - coffee roaster and espresso bar with house made semi-sweets and savories Book Cover Abraço - coffee roaster and espresso bar with house made semi-sweets and savories
This place is great. It is harmonious, in a great mood and has this surprisingly organized disorder. Thumbs up to the easy going and friendly owner and crew. This will be a frequent stop for me whenever I come back to New York.
San Francisco Bay Area pedigree; artfully inventive coffees and pastries.
When you bump into a line, be prepared to wait indefinitely as buddies of the house, aggressively and shamelessly jump lines.
Good drip coffee; notably creamy and delicious latte; friendly personnel; good moody music.

East Village Drink Menu
  • espresso
  • americano
  • pour-over drip coffee
  • machiatto
  • cortado
  • cappuccino
  • piccolo
  • cold brew iced coffee
  • caffè latte


Where to find them:

86 East 7th Street

Manhattan, NYC, USA




8 am to 6 pm


9 am to 6 pm

Closed on Mondays






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