Ancoats Coffee Co, Manchester Roasters

Orders freshly hand-roasted seasonal coffee from Ancoats Coffee Co, the Manchester roasters set in the heart of the Industrial Revolution.


Ancoats Coffee Co, Manchester RoastersWhy Ancoats?

Ancoats is the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the world’s first industrial suburb. This phenomenon was a major agent that made Manchester the city it is today. For this reason, the owners found it the perfect spot for our company, Ancoats Coffee Co.

Ancoats is a traditional production and business stage ever since the rise of the cotton mills. In late Victorian times, the Methodist church used to run a ‘coffee-tavern’ in the area.

Attacked by german air crafts, the city saw a massive decline during and after World War II, but, recently, saw a boundless regeneration that puts the company on a high spot of the pride ladder.


Ancoats Coffee Co.

After first settling in Manchester many years ago,  Jamie Boland founded Ancoats Coffee Co.

Before that, Jamie had lived and worked in Australia where he worked with coffee and learned a passion for it.

After returning to the United Kingdom, he felt Manchester was the perfect place for a coffee company focused on quality, sustainability, and seasonality with a touch of the Melbourne coffee shop charm.

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Coffee Sourcing

Ancoats Coffee Co. only uses approved origin coffee. Their suppliers work with the farms in a symbiotic relationship that ensures more than fair payments for fantastic eco-friendly coffees and, in return, guarantees better investments to the whole sustainable chain.

This system helps Ancoats Coffee to ensure the best coffee in the world for you and the security and care for all the families involved in it.

Every coffee they sell has extensive traceable information from farm to cup.

The Ancoats' staff is always happy to provide any further information that their customers might inquire.
Ancoats Coffee Co, Manchester Roasters

Coffee Roasting

Roasting is a science and, like science, they are always developing better methods to move forward.

All their coffees are hand-roasted in small lots, ensuring greater control over roasting,  flavour and aroma. Experimenting is an essential element to achieving better profile results on their batches.

Its characteristics describe coffee and the main factors are: these are affected by a myriad of factors:

  • Environment
  • Processing methods
  • Coffee variety
  • Cupping (tasting) and classifying.
  • Blending

Ancoats Coffee Co Roasters makes a strong effort to take those factors very seriously to achieve the flavour characteristics they praise:

  • Cleanliness;
  • Balance;
  • Sweetness;
  • Acidity;
  • Aftertaste;
  • Mouth-feel (or viscosity);
  • Citrus Fruit;
  • Berry Fruit;
  • Stone Fruit;
  • Floral;
  • Spicy;
  • Caramel;
  • Nutty;
  • Chocolate.

Every coffee they sell has a ‘cupping chart’ on the product page to give you an idea of the tastes you can expect from each of their unique coffees.

The have a Brazilian coffee option called "Rainha Da Paz – Brazil".

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