Artisan Roasted Coffee, Edinburgh

Artisan Roasted Coffee, Edinburgh

Artisan Roasted Coffee, EdinburghArtisan Roast coffee roasters, from Scotland, offer quality coffee, high-end equipment, and top coaching to amateur and professional clients.


A few years ago, my friend, Mario Zanetti, who is a veterinarian, went to Scotland to study and improve his knowledge on lambs.

Mario was also the younger son of a well-known coffee-trader in our region here in Brazil. After three months, he was back and told me that he had had coffee at this fantastic place called Artisan Roast.

Recently and coincidentally, researching about coffee roasters in the United Kingdom, I decided to write a post about them. Not knowing Scotland, I asked Mario to supply me with some detail about the company and if he thought I could vouch for them.

He had some excellent information about those guys and told me Artisan Roast is a serious business.

After double checking with two other sources from the UK, I decided to use their testimonies associated with data from the official website to write this article.


The coffee company markets and ships freshly roasted coffee delivered worldwide to your front door twice a week.

They are expert roasters and coffee shop owners that know everything about customers with whom they are always happy to exchange information.

Since 2007 Artisan Roast has been committed to pushing up service standards and quality, fostering espresso skills and nourishing coffee culture. Their focus is to build sustainable connections with passionate café operators who want a roaster that provides model coffee coupled with a comprehensive bundle of service, training, and support.
You can look to Artisan Roast for:

  • Highest quality coffee
  • Complete and easy Barista training
  • Lamarzocco espresso machines, Ditting-Mahlkoening and Mazzar grinders
  • Direct contact with roasters / sales / logistics
  • Organized logistics and sharp deliveries
  • Ongoing advice, support, and professionalism
  • Marketing support


Craft Roasters

Their team has learned on the job the senses of sight, smell, sound and touch form the foundations of craft roasting. This event developed a sensibility to extract and unlock the best coffee flavors possible to satisfy the most exigent customer.

Passionate and accomplished people and high-end technology team up to operate high standard drum machines to roast fully flavored profiles that will blow your palate away with a traditional roasting style.



Artisan Roast is the official Scottish distributor for:

  • La Marzocco espresso machines
  • Ditting-Mahlkoenig and Mazzer grinders
  • Bunn coffee makers
  • BWT filtrations systems


They will help you choose the best equipment for the right requirement with a special discount price programs ranging from 10% to 25% off the retail prices.

Access to their specialized technicians-network will also be available to help with your equipment and “modus operandi”.Artisan Roast - trainning

Email for more information, if you are interested.



All of their trainers have extensive experience serving coffee in busy environments. They make sure that their training is very practical, and will help baristas learn how to deal with real-world situations. They also understand that just the training isn’t enough when you start using their coffee. Their trainers are available whenever you need to clarify your doubts.


Artisan Roast provides training options for three different levels of capacity:

  • Beginners: focusing on espresso.
  • Intermediate: focusing on grinding, espresso and coffee tasting.
  • Advanced: focusing on preparing in-house trainers for cafe parlors.



Their coffee lab is located in Edinburgh’s City Centre and has all the equipment they need to decide on which coffees should be sold to customers.


Their Cafes


Broughton Street

One of the initial sparks to ignite the explosion of Artisan coffee in Scotland, Artisan Roast was the first specialty coffee shop and roastery in Scotland. First opening its doors in 2007, the Broughton Street branch is where it all began.

  • 57 Broughton Street
  • EH13RJ
  • Edinburgh
  • t: 07522321893
  • e:


BruntsfieldArtisan Roasted Coffee

The small kid of the Artisan Roast stores, Bruntsfield was first just a pop-up shop for the 2011 fringe celebration, since then it has emerged into its own.

  • 138 Bruntsfield Place
  • EH104ER
  • Edinburgh
  • 07858884771


Gibson Street

Placed in one of the West End’s most vigorous and communitarian streets, the Glaswegian hub of Artisan Roast is where they now roast coffee in Edinburgh. It is also a place to indulge in the passion for delicious and healthy food to compliment their award winning coffees.

  • 15 – 17 Gibson Street
  • G12 8NU
  • Glasgow
  • t:07864984253



The brat of the pack, our Stockbridge shop is a luminous and vast spin on Artisan cozy chic.

  • 100A Raeburn Place
  • EH4 1HH
  • Edinburgh


Pop-Up collaborations

Done every summer and always different, these collaborative and itinerary events are pop-up coffee shop adventures.

Check for events locations and dates with us.Artisan Roast


Brazilian Coffee options


Irmãs Pereira DP
Brazil/double pass

A 100% pure Arabica origin coffee from the Mantiqueira Hills.

As usual, it ‘s hard to find blends that do not use Brazilian coffee.

Janzoon Blend

This coffee is composed of exquisite high altitude Arabica beans from Sumatra and Brazil.


Trigonometry Blend

This two Ethiopians and one Brazilian coffee match beautifully in this blend to give a bold and transparent brew that works well for espresso as it does for a drip brew.


Decaf – Artisan Roast

The decaf we roast is an exceptional selection of the finest Southern Brazilian Arabicas. Roasted a little fuller to a medium dark roast brings out a rich nuttiness and a sweet molasses-like flavor that develops during the decaffeination process.


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If you have anything to add about Artisan or to this article, please leave a comment.



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