Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe

Banana shakes are great!. Cofee drinks are great. What about a Banana Coffee Smoothie recipe? Check out what this wonderful recipe we discovered!

Since the early days of the first ice cream and milkshakes, humans have become big fans of thick and opulent icy drinks. Who can resist them, right?


The big trouble with those is that, generally, they carry a lot of unwanted empty calories. So, we decided to seek better alternatives to our cravings and, after over a century, healthy fruit smoothie recipes pour over our cups to satisfy both palate and body.

Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe

I have always loved banana shakes. Used make them with frozen bananas, yogurt, and sugar back in the early 80’s.

This recipe was sent to me by a dear friend a few months ago.


This Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe is a great blend of health and pleasure. Something to be savored by all people and also useful for those that are aware of their health.

Banana Coffee Smoothie Recipe

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