Brazilian Cerrado Coffee – Minas Gerais

The Brazilian Cerrado Coffee, Minas Gerais, is the first officially defined high-quality coffee-producing region in the country. Read on!

Brazilian Cerrado Coffee - Minas Gerais

An Arabica Brazilian coffee region in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the Cerrado Mineiro has become a model of top quality coffee growing standards.

According to a 1995 Minas Gerais Government decree, this region covers 55 municipalities in the Alto Paranaiba, Triangulo Mineiro, and Northwest State, with uniform standard climate and soil, enabling the production of high-quality coffees.

The Cerrado Coffee brand recognized worldwide for its distinctive flavor and high quality is part of the Savannah Coffee System managed by the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation.

This entity has several agreements with Brazilian and international institutions to develop training programs so the Cerrado coffee growers can meet food safety requirements by Social and Environmental Responsibility demands.

Those criteria set by six associations and eight cooperatives affiliated to the system.

Therefore, the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation is the institution that brings together Associations and Cooperatives and is also the certifying NGO for origin and quality of genuine Savannah coffee (Cerrado coffee).

Certification System

The primary focus of the Federation has been the development of a Coffee Certification system that is based on the following principles:

  • Guarantee of Origin
  • Quality assurance
  • Production Model Rectitude Guarantee
  • Traceability Guarantee.

The current Cerrado Coffee Certification system grants the following advantages:

  • Producer and product data certification
  • Certification-Marked Guarantee Seal
  • Logistics Barcode Tracking System
  • Roasting Certification
  • Storage Certification

The Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation shares a coffee classification system agreement with the American Specialty Coffee Association. Since 2002 the Cerrado coffee cooperatives employ the ASCA-method to improve their standards on the coffee rating.

All the above measures are used to assure that the product suits information standards needed to provide guarantees of origin and quality to the end consumer.

This certification system also provides trust on management, security, and storage procedures to qualify this Brazilian coffee as one of the best bases for gourmet coffees worldwide.


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