Brazilian Coffee Brownies Recipe


This Brazilian Coffee Brownies recipe works amazingly at parties. Hosts love them as they are a delicious stay-awake booster. Check it out!

Brazilian Coffee Brownies Recipe

The great Arabica coffee flavors both the brownies and their ganache topping. Brazilian coffee is valued for its bold, smooth flavor, but a good Brazilian espresso is also an excellent option.

The dense, rich brownie brings out the flavor of good quality coffee contrasted with the fruit zest. The nuts are an option that brings an extra touch of texture a taste.

I used commercial Brazilian coffee for this recipe and the result was good enough not to increase the budget with gourmet coffee, but feel free to experiment, if you want.

This recipe is a winner to be appreciated as a standalone. At least at first. After that, you should do whatever pleases you most.

Delicious as is; The coffee brought a unique and subtle taste to the brownie. Still, I think that increasing the amount of butter can bring positive results.

My friend Maria Helena, the owner of Chameleon Café in our town, is an expert on this Brazilian Coffee Brownies Recipe that everyone enjoys a lot. She told me about a secret: she makes this with very finely ground coffee.

This is a fantastic brownie recipe that carries a considerable caffeine drive; use it if you need to stay awake and love to eat sweets at night.

This brownie also works amazingly at dinner parties.

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