Brazilian Coffee Burger Recipe

 This Brazilian coffee burger recipe never made it to my friend’s restaurant menu, Shame on him! It made it to my cookbook. Lucky me! Dig in!

Brazilian Coffee Burger Recipe

It was very cold, late in the night, back in 1994. My friend, Edson, and I were small-talk brainstorming about a new possible menu makeover for his Diner here in our hometown. I must have invented at least a dozen choices of burgers and sandwiches that night. Many ideas came up, but he decided to play safe and the new menu never came out of the drawing board. I went home and wrote some of them down.

This is one of them.

(adapted to use non-Brazilian ingredients)

Ever since I saw the coffee shop scene in Saturday Night Fever, I have been intrigued and somewhat fascinated by the association of a burger with a coffee.

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