Brazilian Coffee-Crusted Lamb Recipe

Lamb and mutton are titles for domestic sheep meat. This Brazilian coffee-crusted lamb recipe is a fantastic way to prepare them. Have a bite!

Brazilian Coffee-Crusted Lamb Recipe

At different ages, different terms are used.

In its first year, the sheep is called a lamb, and its meat is likewise named lamb.

Great for this Brazilian Coffee-Crusted Lamb Recipe, the meat of a growing sheep older than a first-year is called hogget; outside the US and Canada, this is also a word for the living creature.

The meat of the adult lamb is mutton, a word only used for the flesh, not the animal.

Meat from sheep is present in many cultures all over the world.

The first time I ate lamb in my life was around 1972 near San Francisco in an afternoon barbeque party on the beach. My mother and I were invited by some folk from Stanford University, where some Brazilian friends were studying in a scholarship.

That was the best lamb I have eaten in my whole life. The cook seasoned it with herbs and ocean water.

The above recipe was passed on to my family by a Syrian lady that used to live two blocks from our home in the 60’s, in São Paulo City.


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