Brazilian Coffee Eggnog Creamer recipe

Brazilian Coffee Eggnog Creamer recipe: Simplicity is usually a key to excellence. This idea is a combination of two favorites with a twist.

Some people think that they need complex recipes to achieve great gastronomic results. Well, in my experience, greatness usually comes from simple ideas, like the one below.


Brazilian Coffee Eggnog Creamer

This recipe is merely the mixture of two all-around favorites, coffee, and eggnog,  with a twist of two of the Brazilian cuisine most used spices, cinnamon, and cloves.

In Brazil, sometimes, since Christmas is during Summer, people drink exquisite beverage cold, or even iced. If you are preparing it during a hot period, I suggest this option as a great alternative.

Let`s try that out and see what we can do with it, shall we?

You can always buy prepared eggnog and coffee to enjoy a fast and fairly enjoyable version of the above. But, let`s admit it, who wants fairly enjoyable if you can have something much better? Besides, where`s the fun in that?

He is our traditional Brazilian Coffee Recipe link.


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