Brazilian Coffee Red Eye Gravy recipe

Brazilian Coffee Red Eye Gravy recipe: A great add on to breakfast, grilled or roasted stuff. I find it a great asset in a barbecue. Try it!

Brazilian Coffee Red Eye Gravy recipe

Coffee drinking brings a little problem; We never like to see leftovers thrown down the drain.

The first time I tried a red eye gravy was about 50 years ago on my first trip to the USA, while still a kid. I had it with biscuits and scrambled eggs and ham.

This recipe is a wonderful way to use coffee leftovers on a fantastic breakfast recipe. The gravy can even be used grilled, or oven roasted beef, pork, or poultry.

I find it best when served right away, poured onto toasted buttermilk biscuits with eggs and country ham. Variations with grits or bacon are also great.

Some things are just that simple and perfect.

While studying in SanFrancisso in the 80’s, learned this recipe from and old lady neighbor. She was an excellent cook, and we exchanged a lot of recipes. I provided my everyday Brazilian cooking recipes, and she thought me a lot about American food, especially Tex-Mex and some Cajun.

I modified that recipe to give it a little taste of Brazil, and she loved it!

Need breakfast ingredients? Hurry up and try here!

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