Brazilian Coffee Tiramisu Dessert Recipe

Brazilian Coffee Tiramisu Dessert recipe, A Brazilian version of the delicious Italian Tiramisu. With typical spices from that country, we get an extra hint of flavors. Check it out!

Brazilian Coffee Tiramisu Dessert recipe

The first time I ever heard of Tiramisu was in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. A fantastic dialogue created by director and screenwriter, Nora Ephron. Rob Reiner’s character is trying to bring Tom Hanks’ back to the new dating scene:

“Reiner: And, of course, there is now tiramisu!

Hanks: What is tiramisu?

Reiner: You’ll find out.

Hanks: Well, what is it?

Reiner: You’ll see!

Hanks: You better tell me. Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I’m not gonna know what it is.

Reiner: You’ll love it.”

When I first tried this delicacy, it became unforgettable and impossible to avoid in any situation. Some years later, I came about this recipe, presented to me by some Italian relatives of my daughter’s husband’s. The adaptation into a Brazilian version did not take long to come up with.


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