Brazilian Frozen Coffee Recipe

This Brazilian frozen coffee recipe is a must in every home brunch we attend. People go crazy with its smooth tropical taste. Have a sip!

Brazilian Frozen Coffee Recipe

This is one of the recipes that my great-grandmother, Mina, “invented” (actually adapted from American recipe books in the 60’s). My great-grandfather used to be a coffee farmer and the idea of creating recipes for that product always lingered around their household.

Later, spending some time in the USA, I adapted the recipe with ingredients I could find there.


Brazilian Frozen Coffee Recipe: Just a Mojo Frappé

“Frappé coffee (also Greek frappé or café frappé Greek: φραπές, frapés) is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried).

Accidentally invented by a Nescafe representative named Dimitris Vakondios in 1957 in the city of Thessaloniki, it is now the most popular coffee among Greek youth and foreign tourists. It is popular in Greece and Cyprus, especially during the summer, but has now spread to other countries.

The word frappé is French and comes from the verb “frapper” which means to ‘hit’; in this context, however, in French, when describing a drink, the word frappé means chilled, as with ice cubes in a shaker. The frappé has become a hallmark of post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture.”

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