Cafe do Ponto Brazilian Coffee

Cafe do Ponto Brazilian CoffeeCafe do Ponto Brazilian Coffee is a controversial commercial brand. People may like it or not. If you like strong dark roasts, try this one.

Cafe do Ponto Brazilian Coffee is produced by a company that has many coffee kiosks spread all over our country.


The only significant advantage of Café do Ponto is that it is made in Brazil.

That alone can be a great asset when you compare to other commercial coffee brands worldwide.


The company makes honest coffee for a fair price. Their blends are created to satisfy the vast majority of people in Brazil.


Cafe do Ponto Brazilian Coffee

Chances are that you will find this one just as good as the customers that gave it a 100% 5-star rating on major sales website.

If you dip brew this coffee correctly, it can be fairly appreciated, but is worse than other local smaller commercial brands from Brazil, in my personal opinion.

The company’s Nespresso compatible pods are relatively ok and I buy them occasionally.

However, I have never drunk an espresso made with Café do Ponto that I could say I liked, but that may not be their fault.

99% of the espresso machines in Brazil are very poorly tuned, including the “baristas”.

I personally am not the biggest fan of Café do Ponto. I rarely buy it because the roast is too dark for my taste.

To me, it tastes average and more bitter than what I find ideal, but some people really like it.

People that like darker and more bitter roasts should try it. I say this because I know people appreciate it exactly for those same reasons.

On the other hand, I have friends that say it’s not bitter at all! Go figure! As I always say: Taste is subjective; one can only know after having tasted it.

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This is a traditional and popular, ground and roasted, coffee blend from Brazil.

dark roast – medium body – balanced bitter flavors – varied mix of Arabica and Robusta – vacuum packed

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2 thoughts on “Cafe do Ponto Brazilian Coffee

  • 2016-06-21 at 7:29 pm

    This coffee dark roast sounds good! You mentioned that the advantage is that it is made in Brazil and that most people of Brazil like it. What is so good about Brazilian coffee, coming from the USA I’d love to know. Also, where is it available to purchase and for how much? I love dark roasts and if it is affordable this would be fun to try.

    • 2016-06-25 at 10:54 am

      Hello, Liz,

      Thanks for sharing yout thoughts.

      Risking myself of seeming parochial, I should say that just the fact that the blend is made from Brazilian “The Best in the World” coffee is enough to make it better than any common supermarket commercial blend from elsewhere. haha. 😛

      On the less arrogant side of the dime, I’ll ask you to read these articles:

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      They contain information that try to explain why Brazilian geography and methods of production lead to the best product options worldwide. I hope you enjoy them.



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