Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker

Get back to old brewing ways with the Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker. Simple drip engineering in wood and glass produces a pure, less bitter cup.

Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker

Chemex classic was originally designed by a chemist and inventor. It is usually found in many museum collections.

The non-corrosive elements allow for a better and taste-pure beverage to the extent that it can be cooled and reheated with no sacrificing to the flavor.

The elegant wood collar with the insulating leather strap is removable for washing.

This coffee maker may also be used for tea, iced coffee, and other beverage infusions.


The Company

Chemex Corporation is a family-owned company, located in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The business started in the early 1940s by the German inventor, Peter J. Schlumbohm. The company went through some owners until it was purchased by the Grassy family in 1980.


Thoughts about the Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker

I just love this brewer. It is high quality and holds up very well.

Making old school coffee is fun. You have to boil water and feed it through the filter by hand. It takes about 5 minutes longer to use this method. And, even though you can achieve similar results with machines, it is very easy to make fantastic coffee with the Chemex method.

Chemex is similar to Melitta that also uses the manual pour over coffee method.

Stay away from imitations. Buy the real product and the thicker Chemex filters.


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