City of Saints Coffee Roasting Company

City of Saints Coffee Roasting Company: A place where gourmet coffee and food can be appreciated without protocol. The coffee is fantastic!

City of Saints Coffee Roasting Company

This company is a coffee roasting business with shops in wonderfully disparate nooks of New York and New Jersey. They have a lovely and peaceful space in East Village and a cavernous industrial hideaway in Bushwick.


City of Saints Coffee takes pride in their coffee and the friendly staff that greets with sincere smiles and that nice short conversation just before serving us whatever amazing product they have on the menu.


Whats excites people the most is their continuous goal of creating cafes and coffee partnerships that celebrate their community. People that can spend a couple of hours by the window, enjoying the sunshine, reading a book or just watching others pass by in East Village.


Currently occupying a residential corner in Hoboken, a light-soaked bar in the East Village, City of Saints Coffee is consistently blown away by people that come in and are completely affected by the company’s thoughtful products.


With a wide-open mind about inclusion, their idea is not to impose a way of drinking coffee or eating gourmet. rather, they prefer free of will and creativity over a stiffly traditional menu. There, customers are their own people and have freedom of will.

Cosiness and style are what you feel when you enter their reign. There you will be able to spend hours without noticing the clock tick, while you savor some of the best gourmet (or not) options in your life.


79 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003
b/t 4th Ave & Lafayette St
East Village


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