Coffee Bean Direct Santos review

Coffee Bean Direct Santos review

The Coffee Bean Direct Santos is an excellent roasted coffee. This review is about the taste and high quality of this label of quality.


Coffee Bean Direct Santos reviewSantos is a Bourbon blend in its root formula. Bourbon is a variety of the Arabica type of coffee.

So, Santos is considered one of the finest coffees types because it derives from Arabica, simply the best type available.

The extinct Brazilian Coffee Institute created the Santos label in the 20th century. That name was used to control production quality.

The ones exported from the port of Santos carried that label attached to a numeric gradation.


Coffee Bean Direct buys their grains directly from Brazilian companies. Roasting comes just a bit before packaging and posting. Then the fresh roast is sent to the customer or redistribution dealer.

Different from their Dark Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans, this roast is light, has a smooth body and acidity is low.

Coffee Bean Direct Santos is the softest of the company due to the long roasting process.

The purpose of this process is to guarantee the delivery of an even and long-lasting taste and freshness.

These are characteristics that will enhance your coffee drinking experience.

Coffee Bean Direct Santos

They created the package to completely seal the coffee and ensure the most freshness, smell, and taste possible and a new design is now available.

When it comes to brewing method, this is highly suitable for dripping and single-origin espresso.

You will get excellent results with Americano (Carioca) and strong Brazilian pour over.

You can blend it with some other type of strong Brazilian coffee for an average taste. Experimenting is quite fun and brings pleasant new flavors and smells.

Coffee Bean Direct Santos reviewThe only drawback about this Coffee Bean Direct product is that the 5-pound package may be a little too large for some people.

If the coffee takes too long to be consumed, it may lose a bit of its scent and smell.

The 16oz. would be more suitable for those people that find it large, but it’s quite expensive in comparison to the 5-pound pack.

You can work that around if 2 or more people decide to share the larger pack.

Otherwise, you in for one of the best treats of your life; A great deal for a great coffee

The ideal consumer for this type of coffee is that person with a more sensitive palate. This product is not for the average coffee consumer. In fact, Brazilian Santos is one of the finest gourmet coffees available.

  • my personal evaluation


fine coffee producers
best coffee label from Brazil
very soft, smooth, low body, cinnamon nuance, low acidity
light roast
fantastic for drip coffee
amazing single-origin espresso
great crema
wonderful for all types of brewing
excellent choice with milk and sugar

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Direct Santos review

  • 2016-06-09 at 4:47 pm

    I thought that the price looked a little expensive for the beans, but thinking about it, for something you would actually enjoy daily it is worth it.

    I think it makes so much more sense if we buy better quality products to be enjoyed properly, even if they cost a little more per unit.

    Great shout!

    • 2016-06-12 at 10:48 am

      Hello, Adam,

      Thank you for sharing you support and opinion. I agree with that line of reasoning, especially if we brake that down into cost/cup. The difference becomes “peanuts” when you compare to any coffee cup you pay out there.


  • 2016-08-26 at 2:18 pm

    I like the way you’ve set up this review of The Coffee Bean Direct’s Santos coffee. Your “Personal Evaluation rating box is a grand concept.

    The review itself is straightforward and includes interesting factoids as well as a coffee-lover’s fine discriminating love for detail. Beautiful!

    I am thinking that some of this Brazilian coffee seems to be a very good option in to wake up to in the morning. I’m going to browse around you coffee website a little more, though. It seems to have a some great coffee options to choose from.Thanks!

    • 2016-08-30 at 10:22 am

      Hello, Netta,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Have a great sip!


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