Coffee Rub Beef Tenderloin – crusted

Coffee Rub Beef Tenderloin – crusted; A surprising and delicious merging of Brazilian coffee and spices. Arrange it with mashed potatoes and mango slices for an exquisite plate.

Coffee Rub Beef Tenderloin - crusted

Everybody should give this recipe a try, especially us, coffee lovers.

This Coffee Rub Beef Tenderloin – crusted, is an all special delicacy I present to my new and old friends, so I can be an external example of the “best beef in town.

Spice and coffee usage should be done with care if you don’t like overpowered flavors. Handle their amounts to your taste if your first attempt doesn’t come as you would have expected.

One other great option is to have it grilled all the way, but there is a risk of burning the rub too much before you achieve the desired doneness.


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