Dear Green Coffee Roasters and Dealer

Discover the opportunity to try the best options with Dear Green Coffee Roasters and Dealer. You will taste the finest mojos of your life.

Dear Green Coffee Roasters and DealerFrom Scotland to the World, these guys provide products that will boost your experience.


Their home city of Glasgow’s alias, ‘The Dear Green Place’,  was the inspiration for the Dear Green Coffee Roasters’s name.

Their roasters and showroom are placed in the heart of Glasgow’s creative East End, within The Glasgow Collective – not far from the Barrowland, a traditional music venue, and marketplace.

Founded in 2011, the company is a gourmet coffee roaster and wholesale.


Their Stuff

The company specializes in:

  • Supplying excellent options for home, wholesale and retail
  • Equipment  and installation, advice, and sales
  • Training for baristas and on sensory skills.
  • Support to the community through local events
  • Roasting fine gourmet coffee from  ethical sources


Objectives and Values

They work with only a preferred few direct-traders and farms which we know to be trustworthy. That ensures sustainability and, transparency and traceability, every bean that we roast.

Dear Green Coffee Roasters is proud in sourcing and roasting only the greatest quality of gourmet rating coffee, and in carrying a human and social duty in every aspect of their business.

They are also a Living Wage Foundation business.

They project an image of credibility because their clients can see that it’s not all just about coffee for them.

Every product that they offer was carefully produced, graded and shipped under high standards of maneuverability. After that Dear Coffee jumps in,  roasting, profiling and delivering it to your door!

They also supply many businesses everywhere in the UK and abroad. internationally. What do they have in common? A passion for great coffee.

Furthermore, they host a respectable number of gourmet coffee competitions and events from their showroom and roastery in Glasgow.


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Dear Green Coffee Roasters Book Cover Dear Green Coffee Roasters
Countries from Africa, Central and South America
250g packs (at L7.95)
about $20 per pound of the their Brazilian coffee

Dear Green offers coffees from many places, most of them in Africa and the Americas. Among those, they provide a Brazilian coffee called

Fazenda Pantano, from the Minas Gerais Cerrado region.

Expect no less than a fantastic coffee.


They also have a blend called

The Goosedubs

with 45% Colombia La Sabana, Castillo and Colombia, Washed
40% Brazil Fazenda Pantano, Yellow Bourbon, Pulped Natural
15% Sumatra Jagong Village, Bourbon


What an exquisite combination!


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