Great Brazilian Coffee Drink Recipes

Brazilian Coffee Drink Recipes are great. Most of them have roots in America and Europe, with some Brazilian taste and twist of the tropics!

Some of the recipes listed below were passed to my family from several resources abroad. Friends from the United States, France, Italy and the United Kingdom have helped us grow a collection of Brazilian versions of fantastic drinks.

Some are drinks we tried in Brazilian cafés that we loved.


Banana Mojo Smoothie Recipe


Thai Iced Brewster the Brazilian Way

Coffee Drink Recipes can come from all over the world. Oriental flavors meet the Brazilian cuisine on this one. Need I say more?


Brazilian Coffee Punch recipe

Do you want to throw a party with some foreign style? Don’t forget a tropical coffee punch.


Brazilian Vanilla Latte

Brazilian Vanilla Latte

There’s something about lattes that Brazilians just love.


Brazilian Blended Coffee Drink Recipe

Brazilian Blended Coffee Drink Recipe

A multi-named traditional drink that was adapted to our taste.


Brazilian Christmas Coffee recipe

Since the festivities of Saint Nicolas reached Brazil, we never had a national recipe. Not anymore.


Brazilian Frozen Mojo Recipe

Brazilian Iced Mocha Recipe

Another one of those frozen Coffee Drink Recipes? Frozen mojo is fantastic on a Brazilian beach.


Brazilian Coffee Liqueur recipe

Brazilian Coffee Liqueur recipe

A grandmother’s recipe.


Brazilian Irish Coffee recipe

In the humid weather of tropical Amazon, we will always remember how green was our valley.


Mexican Coffee Recipe, Brazilian Style

Arriba, Axé! What else is there to say?


Brazilian Black Magic Java

The scent of religious African inside your coffee mug.


Brazilian Caffé Drink Recipe

Brazilian Coffee Drink Recipe

Tropical fruits and coffee, Carmem Miranda and the South American Way!


Tropical Brazilian Latte

Do we love latte? Now you’ll love it even more.


Brazilian Iced Mocha Recipe

From Italy, the mocha recipe with a bit of Brazil in it.


Brazilian Hot Buttered Toffee Brewster

A drink with contrast written all over.


Iced Brazilian Coffee Recipe

Cold Ice, and sweet coffee. What could be better on a hot summer afternoon?


Traditional Brazilian “Cafezinho” Recipe

This recipe is the traditional way most Brazilians make coffee.


I hope you enjoy the ride.


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