Lavazza Dek Decaf Ground Espresso Beans

Lavazza Dek Decaf Ground Espresso Beans

Lavazza Dek Decaf Ground Espresso BeansThis special decaffeinated is a perfect mix of fine, bold Asian and Brazilian coffees. Dek has a full taste and a pleasant and round aroma.


This decaf coffee is one the best I’ve ever tasted. Not bitter, with a pleasant smell, and foam that lasts long enough to gently caress your palate, Lavazza Dek will amaze the most skeptical and traditionalist coffee lover.

My wife loved this Joe so much that I thought I should give it at least one try. While this is not my prime choice, Dek is the first decaf I’ve  had that I consider a viable and pleasing alternative.

Lavazza is a great coffee company and, up until now, I have not tasted any of their products that satisfied me as much as this brand.

The company decaffeinates Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso beans through a natural, water process that eliminates 99% of the caffeine.

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Dek - Lavazza Espresso Decaf - Whole Bean Book Cover Dek - Lavazza Espresso Decaf - Whole Bean
Coffee blend with exceptional fragrance, smooth and fully-rounded.
Smooth, aromatic and delicate
Premium Arabica beans from Brazil and sweet Asian coffees, which compose an aromatic and creamy coffee.
Perfect aroma and body
natural decaffeination process
people that need a decaf that can fool most people.
packs of 1.1 pound (500 g)
around $13 per pound

Very aromatic and creamy, this is the best Decaf espresso I've had it, and I highly recommend this coffee. I also like the Lavazza regular espresso, which is one of the best of all the Espressos I've tried so far.

Lavazza is known for blending great coffees from different production regions around the world with great results. Dek is no exception. Just try it, and you will see.


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