Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast

Spices and caramel! That’s Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast, a fantastic mixture of South American Brazilian coffee with beans from India.

An amazing full-bodied blend of 100% Arabica coffees.

Its bold and distinctive recipe features a balance of smoky and caramelized flavors.

Origins: A 100% Arabica blend made of full-bodied Brazilian coffees with nostalgic chocolate flavors combined with the mysterious spicy fragrance of Indian coffees.

The dark roast enhances its power and body bringing the original flavors an intense, persistent aftertaste with a tinge of caramel.

Once again, Lavazza presents us with one of the best cuppa Joes I’ve ever tasted. Just fantastic!

Just fabulous!

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Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast Book Cover Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast
2.2 pound bag
Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast - Whole Coffee Beans
Luigi Lavazza
Italy, Torino
Suitable for espresso (fine grinding) and drip coffee (coarse grinding) preparations.
100% Brazilian and Indian Arabica coffee
Italy's Favorite Coffee
Top of the list coffee
Average price, great coffee! Need I say more?

My first analysis would be not to compare this roast to dark roasts we are used to seeing in a popular coffee network. This roast doesn't taste burnt.

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast has a unique gentle boldness not easy to find in your daily gourmet coffee, definitely not in network coffees.

I don't find this coffee acid either, which seems to go very well with the smooth blend, caramel-hinted that disguises this blend almost like a medium roast.

The flavor is broad; you can enjoy the subtleties in every sample. That by itself is worth the value.

Darker roasts can get so burnt sometimes that you can't tell the difference between beans from Brazil and Vietnam, they all look blacker than charcoal and taste nearly as awful.

In Brazil, we are used to that kind of garbage and finding a good dark roast is not easy, not to mention all the poorly tuned machines and false baristas.  In America, it is easier to find better cafés that do the job and Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast brings that to our homes.

Some may think this coffee could be a bit darker, but the taste is so pleasant that I dare say it would be a shame to change it.

The fullness and the freshness in the flavor you get from grinding the Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast make this Brazilian-based coffee one of the best available options I've seen for a home dark-mojo.

Who could complain about a brand that provides high-quality beans from Italy for less than we usually pay at the store? Those who drink coffee regularly, know there is no reason not to, at least, try this option.

All in all, you have nothing to lose and lots of joy to gain. After all, in the early mornings, most of us could use some joy in a cuppa Joe.


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