Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso

Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso

Lavazza Pienaroma EspressoLavazza has many different fantastic blends of coffee. Many are carry an Arabica Brazilian coffee of some sort as their first ingredient.

A clear demonstration of how the Brazilian mojo can be valuable in enhancing the taste of a coffee blend.

The more we get to know about this company and the taste of their coffees, the more impressed everyone gets.

The well-rounded and flowery, Aromatic Pienaroma, by Luigi Lavazza SPA (Italy), is an Italian blend made with Brazilian, Peruvian and Honduran coffees.

Mogiana and South Minas Brazilian coffees are among the top 5 best in the world choices. And combined with the other two options from Peru and Honduras deliver a winner in your mug.

Also, combined with the other two choices from Peru and Honduras deliver a winner in your mug.

AROMATIC Pienaroma Book Cover AROMATIC Pienaroma
Well rounded and flowery.
Luigi Lavazza SPA
Italy (blend); Brazil, Peru, Honduras (plantations)
New Logo and package design and same 100% Arabica fantastic coffee
Mogiana and South Minas Brazilian coffee combined Peruvian and Hondurean coffees.
Brazil from Mogiana and south Minas regions
New logo and package design may deceive some customers, but it's the same great coffee.
Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations. Washed coffees.
Fantastic well rounded
figs and jasmine flowers
pack of 1 kg = 2.2 pounds
$18.81 per 1kg-pack = $8.41/pound

New logos and designs are always a good and a bad thing. While the manufacterers are trying to improve the product's visibility to new customers, some old traditional ones may be decived by the different look. Do not make that mistake! This is the same old fantastic coffee

This is the same traditional fantastic coffee you are used to!

A feature that makes this coffe outsanding is that it is made with washed coffees from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations. A badge that not many can carry.

The medium roast brings a fantastic rounded taste, medium body, low acidity with figs and jasmine aroma.

Package size is the same usual 1 kg like most Lavazza options and it costs around $18. This brings the 6oz-cup to an average of $0.15. Quite fair for such a great coffee

People that appreciate gourmet coffee will find this price more than fair, cheap even.


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We make a strong attempt in helping our coffee lovers with a great variety of options, so… Browse around!

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