Lavazza Tierra Intenso, Whole Bean Coffee

 Lavazza Tierra Intenso, whole bean coffee, is a fantastic blend of South American coffees from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Check it out!Lavazza Tierra Intenso


The vast majority of Italian homes and establishments use Lavazza regularly.

These beans are a perfect medium to dark brown color, evenly roasted. After grinding them, the aroma fills the place.

The coffee comes out with a golden brown crema, touched with chocolate, and made for a superior drinking experience because it’s not over-caffeinated. After all, it doesn’t have Robusta.

Remember, just because the coffee isn’t dark, doesn’t mean it’s not espresso or fresh.

Nothing can get closer to drinking a real fresh cup of espresso without having to take a plane to Florence, or any other spot in Italy.


Lavazza Tierra Intenso is a coffee that was created along with a project to improve the living and working conditions of farming communities where the beans are produced. Sustainability and social developed is also a major issue.


Luigi Lavazza SPA, from Italy, blends and grinds 100% Arabica coffee coming from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia (sometimes Equador).


Making Brazilian coffee, espresso and cappuccino with Lavazza Tierra Intenso is a wonderful delight. It is possible that you have landed here from this page, Best Coffee at Amazon from Brazil. If not, you might be interested in it too.


We make a strong effort in helping our coffee lovers with a great variety of options, so… Browse around!


The medium-dark coffee of Lavazza Tierra Intenso presents an intense taste, bold body, low acidity and, chocolate, fruity and flowery aroma.


Package size is 1 kilogram and its cost is around $28. This leads to an average 6oz-cup of about $0.23.


We make a strong effort in helping our coffee lovers with a great variety of options, so… Browse around!

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Intenso Book Cover Lavazza ¡Tierra! Intenso
Project created to improve the living conditions, social development and economic growth of farming communities, with a strong commitment to sustainability.
Luigi Lavazza SPA
An intense taste
medium to dark brown
Brazilian coffee mixed with Colombian and Peruvian beans.
Rainforest Alliance Certification
100% Arabica
Customers that want to pay a bit more for a great coffee.
Slow and dark
Chocolate, fruit and flowers
1kg pack = 2.2 pounds
$27.73 per 1 kg pack (2.2 pounds); $12.60/L


2 thoughts on “Lavazza Tierra Intenso, Whole Bean Coffee

  • 2017-03-13 at 10:36 pm

    Thank you for this post, I as many other people love coffee and people dont understand the importance of having a good quality coffee and the one you reviewed seems like an excellent coffee.
    I wanted to try it as you were describing it, it must smell pretty good.
    And knowing that the company puts sustainability as a goal, its a pretty good choice.

    Thank you again!

    • 2017-03-29 at 12:26 pm

      Hello, Santiago,

      Every aspect on the whole coffee process, from plant to cup, changes the taste of your mojo. Be it gourmet, or commercial, coffee bean quality and correct brewing (whichever you prefer) are the two most important issues in my opinion. Keep an eye on those. Experiment until you find your best combo.

      Thnaks for sharing your opinion and for your kind words. Cheers!


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