Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee Gold Selection, 2.2 Pound Bag

Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee Gold SelectionLavazza Whole Bean Coffee Gold Selection is a blend of the finest sweet Brazilian coffee beans, smooth Central American and selected Asian.


This roast lends itself to an espresso that is perfect for milk-based drinks and works well when paired with rich creamy desserts.

Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee Gold Selection is combination produced in Italy by Luigi Lavazza SPA.

This high-quality blend formula is a mix of natural coffees that include Brazilian Arabica, Colombian Arabica, and Javanese Robusta types.

The Lavazza Gold Selection is medium roasted and delivers a full body with a bitter-sweet balance, low to medium-low acidity, and notes of milk chocolate and vanilla.

  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Gold selection full intense taste and after flavor
  • Ground for espresso, or drip coffee preparations


Some buyers that are a bit more worried about price may find this brand a bit costly at $12.27/pound, leading to an average of $0.215 per 6oz-cup. But if are one of those coffee drinkers that, either have not decided by their pockets or their palates, or quality is a must for you, then I strongly suggest that you try this one.


Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee Gold Selection is sold in 1kg packages (2.2 pounds) and may last about 1 month if you drink an average of 2 weak brew 6oz-cups a day.


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  • acidity
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Lavazza Gold Selection Book Cover Lavazza Gold Selection
Lavazza - Italy
Natural Arabica Brazilian coffee, washed Colombian Arabica, and Robusta Java Island.
Arabica (mainly) and Robusta
high quality
A bit costy.
Worth the price if you place quality as an important issue.
bitter-sweet balance
slow to med-low
milk chocolate and vanilla
1 kg packages (2,2 pounds)
$ 26.99 per 2.2 (1kg) pack, or $12.27/pound


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