Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Thermal Carafe System

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Thermal Carafe System: The next-generation of their drink making combo is a single-serve and thermic bottle machine.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Thermal Carafe System

Complete with a variety of brewing types and sizes, you don’t need to get anywhere else. With this machine, you only need a little more than half the grounds to make the same strength beverage as one would expect and to try every single recipe you ever heard of.


The pod-free single-serve and carafe brewing give you the freedom to use any brand and to adjust how much you want to use. These features allow the production of an unlimited variety and personal customization on your coffee drinks.

To aide on that, a simple search on the internet will reveal many communities dedicated to exchanging information and new recipes for your Ninja Coffee Bar CF097.


With a host of delicious coffee recipes, you can create and enjoy from the comfort of home, the machine also comes with the Over Ice Carafe designed to brew into and keep it iced and cold. The unit also comes with a built-in, hot-and-cold frother.


Some people are fundamentalists. They say that once you get into Ninja products, it’s hard to leave. I can agree that Ninja makes good stuff, but wouldn’t go any further. As for this coffee maker, I think it deserves a rating higher than 4.0 but lower than 4.5.  Excellent equipment!


Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 features:

  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Thermal Carafe
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Ninja Over IceCarafe
  • Built-In Frother
  • 20-Recipe Inspiration Guide
  • Ninja Smart Scoop
  • Permanent Reusable Filter
  • Removable Water Reservoir


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Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Thermal Stainless Carafe System
Ninja Coffee Bars
All in One System.
Thermal Carafe can be improved to keep heat longer.
Allows a variety of choices in size, types of coffee.
This system is for those that want all in just one system. It may not be the best of the best coffee, but it works pretty well and makes very good coffee.
15 x 15.3 x 16.3 inches - 15.1 pounds
around US$240


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