Seattle Coffee Gear Review

This Seattle Coffee Gear Review depicts a company that wants to make espresso coffee easy for you. Information, coffee, and equipment are what they have for you.

Seattle Coffee Gear review


Seattle Coffee Gear is the solution to a very specific question:

Is there a way to make an excellent home cup of coffee?

Sadly, we are all presumably too familiar with the diluted and bitter ‘coffee water’ one can find in any roadside diner around America. If that’s all coffee can be, we are in a bad position!

As you will see on this Seattle Coffee Gear Review, Espresso Coffee is and maybe, the best-known option for that kind of washed water.*

* Other good options of coffee brewing are available. I try not to compare espresso with other types of coffees; since the first has so many particular characteristics.

The quest to finding out how to produce delicious home espresso led their founder, Victor, on a frustrating journey of trial and error, that eventually became fruitful. When he finally found the perfect setup that convinced himself he was aware that a better way to get from coffee wash to espresso was possible for the average coffee drinker.

The experience became a business:

A company that provides expert advice on all from the best suitable machines for you to great espresso brewing, to great coffee brands.

A fanatic crew, loaded with the unique quest to provide customer-focused and unbiased service helped Victor ‘to grow from an excellent idea into an innovative leadership in home espresso brewing.

Seattle Coffee Gear Review

What makes Seattle Coffee Gear so distinctive?

  • They are focused on you.
  • They want you to buy the machine that is right for you.
    • – they offer non-commissioned advice in a low-pressure sales environment.
  • They are equipment experts.
  • They test all the models thoroughly over and over
  • They have an in-house authorized repair center.
  • Uncommonly, they offer extensive repair services on a variety of machines
    • -whether you purchased it from us or not.
  • They are authorized warranty repair center for Starbucks and Saeco machines.
  • Their repair services feature a free diagnosis/estimate before starting repairs.
  • They offer selected warranties.
  • While new devices generally come with a 1-year warranty, they also offer additional years of warranty.
    • for many of the machines, they carry.
    • Additionally, they provide a 6-month warranty on all certified equipment.
  • They ship nationally and can expertly assist you over the phone in selecting the machine that is right for you, but they also have all their models set up in the store!
  • Each machine is ready to work, so if you’re in the area, you can stop by and experience side-by-side comparisons of flavor and capability.

Seattle Coffee Gear review

Visit Seattle Coffee Gear’s Retail Locations!

Opening retail locations is part of their mission to help their customer. That way, you can mosey on in and test as many machines as you’d like before purchasing. Not only they have a wide selection of equipment setup for customer demos, but you’ll also have a chance to talk with their coffee experts who will help with your choice.

Or, if you already own a coffee maker or other caffeine-providing setup, you can attend their how-to workshops, vendor events, coffee tastings, and classes. The possibilities are endless!


They have retail stores in Lynnwood, Bellevue, and Portland:


Bellevue, Washington

Address: 10692 NE 8th ST | Bellevue WA | 98004
Phone: 425-451-7292
Learn More About our Bellevue, WA Store
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm | Sunday, 11am – 6pm PT

Lynnwood, Washington

Address: 6911 216th St SW, Suite A | Lynnwood WA | 98036
Phone: 425-673-2706
Learn More About our Lynnwood, WA Store
Hours: Daily, 10 am – 6 pm PT

Portland, Oregon

Address: 26 NW 23rd PL | Portland, OR | 97210
Phone: 503-224-1415
Learn More About our Portland, OR Store
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday, Closed PT

If you haven’t tried Seattle Coffee Gear yet, we encourage that you do so; they also sell some brands of great quality Brazilian coffee. I, personally, believe you will be surprised.


Click here if you would like to know more about coffee equipment.

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