Simple Cups Disposable Cups for Keurig

Simple Cups disposable cups for Keurig are an excellent choice if you want to keep your taste options open without having to wash. Pour in!

Disposable K-Cups for Use in Keurig Brewers – Simple Cups – 50 Cups, Lids, Filters with Easy Close Stand – Use Your Own Coffee in K-cups: Stop spending tons of money on pre-made K-cups! Don’t settle for pre-determined flavors. Make your life simpler with Simple Cups. At a fraction of what a K-Cup would cost, you can use YOUR own favorite coffee in your Keurig machine – and can do so cost effectively and easily. Your coffee experience just got that much better.

Simple Cups Disposable K-Cups, Filters and Lids Pack Book Cover Simple Cups Disposable K-Cups, Filters and Lids Pack
Simple Cups
SCS Direct Inc.
Simple to use, Simple on the environment, Simple on your budget
Allows the use of your choice of coffee.
Process is not as simple as buying ready-to-use cups
Versatility with fairly good prices
about $15 for 50-cup pack

The Simple Cups Disposable K-Cups, Filters and Lids Pack is m SCS Direct Inc., USA, is simple to use, natural for the environment and easy on your budget .

The greatest feature about this option is that it allows the use of your choice of coffee brand, making it great for Brazilian coffee drinkers.

Of course, this option is not as easy, or simple as buying ready-to-use cups, the versatility with fairly good prices, make disposable coffee cups a fantastic choice, since you can even experiment mixing different coffees.

  • 50 sets of Cups, Filter, and Lids with Easy Close Stand
  • Use your own coffee or tea instead of buying costly K-Cups
  • At about $15 for 50-cup pack, it fractions of the cost of K-Cups and other brands of Disposable K-Cups
  • No Mess, Easy to Use
  • Fully recyclable

These types of disposable coffee filters are perfect for people that want to use their choice of coffee with the Keurig models and do not like the hassle of having to wash their filter cups.

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