Single Origin Lavazza Kilimanjaro Premium Coffee

Crisp and fruity, the Single Origin Lavazza Kilimanjaro Premium Coffee is a fantastic option to Brazilian mojo. Find the taste of Tanzania!

lavazza kilimanjaro premium coffee

Following a Medium/Dark Roast profile, the Lavazza family, always devoted to delivering the best, brings an assorted and exquisite delight from the Kilimanjaro region.

One delicious sip of the Lavazza Kilimanjaro Premium Coffee, and you will learn why Tanzania is so proud of the coffee they produce.

Italy’s favorite coffee not only comes from Brazil, South and Central America and many other traditional countries, but it also comes, with flying colors, from Central Africa.


The lovely body and light fruity aroma of is an almost match to our Brazilian coffee and is a fantastic option when you want some variety, as well.

The 100% Arabica, from the tropical forest and volcanic soils of Africa, is washed with glacial water and dried under the warm sun.


I wouldn’t be a decent coffee writer if I only talked about Brazilian Coffee. Do I think our coffee is the best option in the world? I most certainly do.

However, it is not the only coffee able to satisfy the most critical consumer. Fortunately, for coffee lovers, there is plenty of fantastic variety all over the world, and the Kilimanjaro is an excellent way to discover that.


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lavazza kilimanjaro premium coffee

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Lavazza Kilimanjaro Premium Coffee
Luigi Lavazza SPA
United Republic of Tanzania, Africa
Better for non-espresso methods
Pure Origin
100% Arabica
Perfectly Ground
Crispy & Fruity


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