Square Mile Coffee Roasters, E London

Founded by expert specialists, Square Mile Coffee Roasters is most respected a many-award-winning roasting business based in East London.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Two characters with a collective 19 years of extensive and varied experience in the coffee business, created the company and expanded it to a team of 16 skilled specialists, with a cache of knowledge and passion for their job.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is currently centered on wholesaling their product and supplying and supporting businesses that wish to serve the best mojo they can.

It is their wish to make London popular for good coffee. Acting in all aspects of the local coffee business, becoming better is the company’s ever growing motto. Helping to build a London coffee culture and doing their best to contribute to this global scenario, a mission.

The are a member of:

Cup of Excellence
Speciality Coffee Association of Europe
Roasters Guild


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Square Mile Coffee Roasters Book Cover Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Based in East London, the company is a roasting business with many wards.
United KIngdom
importing, roasting, grinding, selling, distributing, online subscriptions
several from many countries.
Long time experience before company was even started.
Gourmet coffe drinkers
East London
Uk and Internationaly.

Fantastic Partners

Knowing that equipment is an important piece of the puzzle in brewing tasty coffee, they help customers achieve solve this issue, by working with an excellent array of top manufacturers.

Synesso is a partner that pushes the boundaries of the espresso brewing sector.

Victoria Arduino and James Hoffmann, have achieved great results on new equipment to excel in the way we grind and brew espresso. Square Mile is their distributor in the UK.



For the past few months, they have been running a pilot plan towards a coffee bag recycling program for their products with significant and promising results.



Every one of their selected choices can be delivered on a recurring basis to the UK and foreign countries customers. It's just a matter of following a few steps to choose coffee and pricing options.



This choice is a real origin coffee from the world's largest and most important coffee producing country.


Recreio delivers a fantastic and enjoyable cup to sit back and savor.


Square mile, thankfully, is to be once again buying coffee from Fazenda Recreio, a beautiful and multi award winning farm just outside São Sebastião da Grama in the coffee producing paradise of Vale da Grama.

Recreio is an UTZ-certified farm, managed under concerns for both the human and environmental health.



t: 0207 729 3744
e: webshop@squaremilecoffee.com
e: info@squaremilecoffee.com

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