Thai Iced Coffee the Brazilian Way

If you love coffee drinks in a party, the Thai Iced Coffee the Brazilian Way recipe is a fantastic variation that will satisfy everyone.

If you love iced coffee drinks, this recipe is a great variation that will certainly satisfy your desire. Ideal for a party. Check it out!

Thai Iced Coffee the Brazilian Way


Commonly known as Thai iced coffee, the drink is is very popular in Thai restaurants around the world.


The alias is derived from the Teochew dialect, spoken by the majority of Thai Chinese, indicating that oliang is original from the Chinese.

The term “o” means “black” and “liang” means “cold”. Oliang means “cold black”, a black iced java drink.

Its recipes vary. The preparation consists of a mixture of coffee, brown sugar, and various seeds and grains like cardamom, corn, soybeans, rice, and sesame grains.


Traditionally, oliang is brewed with a tungdtom, an oriental filter, a sock with a metal collar and grip to which a cloth bag is attached. We have a similar ancient traditional pour-over method in Brazil.

To make Thai Iced Coffee, prepare the filter and pour boiling water, over the coffee, through it and into a glass container. Allow the bag to steep for approximately 10 minutes, or until the coffee is strong. The Iced part is optional, but my preferred.

Oliang can be served with condensed or evaporated milk, and a simple sweetening syrup to taste.


  • Oliang: Black, with ice
  • Gopi: Black, with condensed milk
  • Oliang-Yoklo: Black, on the rocks and fresh milk
  • Iced Coffee: Black, with condensed milk, ice, and raw milk


Recipe Ingredients List: Brazilian coffee, sugar, heavy cream, ground cardamom, ground cloves, ground cinnamon, almond flavoringcrushed ice.


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