The Best Moka Coffee Pot Ever

Are you wondering which is the best Moka coffee pot ever? This article will try to explain which brewer, in our opinion, pours the best coffee into your mug.

Moka Coffee Pot

Here, at home and office, we drink coffee mainly brewing using three methods:

Nespresso machine with “Dulsao do Brasil” pods.

Manual Pour-Over (paper filter) with commercial ground Cafe Pilao Brazilian coffee, all day.


Stovetop Moka Express Bialetti

The top Moka coffee maker in our opinion.

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This coffee brewer is very interesting because, to my taste, it delivers a beautiful flavor, somewhat a mid-way version between pour-over and espresso.

Since I’m all about variety, I usually try to serve all three types of coffee every day.

The Moka Express Bialetti comes with five distinct main parts that are very easy to assemble and clean:

(check this article)

  • Top pot chamber
  • Filter plate
  • Gasket
  • Funnel with bottom aluminum filter
  • Bottom (water) chamber

Making coffee with this Moka coffee machine is very easy. It’s is just a matter of putting water and coffee in the right chambers, taking it to the stovetop and observing the process, not to let the brew get overheated.

In fact, this essential procedure of


is simple with the Moka coffee pot.

Just use controlled mid-low to low heat and turn it off when gurgling bubbles start to come out of the top tube. It’s that simple.

It is also a very versatile device that you can take with you everywhere.

You can also use any roasted ground coffee with it, but I advise you not to get them too thin because the unit tends to (rarely) clog with very finely ground beans.

That is not a big problem but, why not avoid it, if you can, right?

I’m a half-cup coffee drinker and the smaller unit I have at home works 95% well for me, but it works perfectly for 1 (maybe 2) small 30-50 oz. coffee-mug, the demitasse.

I’m planning to buy two more units so I can handle my half cups better and also a larger one to serve more people.

Brewing Brazilian Coffee with a Moka Coffee Pot is fun and stylish and brings people together around the stovetop to watch the brewing.

Don’t think twice! Try one. Choose a unit size to match your needs, though.

Observe that, in the video below, the heat is a bit high with bubbles forming all the time during coffee brewing. Avoid that by lowering the temperature!

Read this article about Moka Coffee Brewing for more detail.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Moka Coffee Pot Ever

  • 2016-05-14 at 10:49 am

    Good article! Is this an Italian invention? I have always been curious about how to use this thingy. It’s so simple, but difficult to figure out. I think I am gonna get one and switch from soluble coffee to the real one. Are there any coffee mills you would recommend?

    • 2016-05-15 at 7:54 am

      Hello, Marta,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, this is an Italian invention and a very simple one, for sure. Do try it. It’s not expensive and the coffee comes out great. When it comes to commercial coffee I drink Pilao (Pilao Coffee Review), You won’t be able to find the specialty coffee I drink here, but I can suggest this Dark Brazilian Santos Coffee Beans.



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