Try the Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinated

 Try the Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinated: This product is a great option if you find Dek a bit over priced for your budget. Check it out!

Try the Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinated


Lavazza has a vast horde of fans. The smoothness and richness of their coffee make those people appreciate most of their products.


Lavazza, the prominent Italian coffee manufacturer, is well-known for selecting the finest quality beans from all the best regions around the world and prepare top quality coffee blends.


We all know about the excellence associated with Lavazza’s Dek for espresso making, but maybe we should take a loot at the Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinated as an excellent quality coffee option.

A blend of selected African, Central and South American, Arabica coffees with an intense and smooth flavor.
This well rounded and spiced product gets its best results from pour-over methods, French and Aeropresses. Use coarse grinding for these methods.

On the espresso side, this strong and smooth flavored coffee is not as rich as DEK but is also a fantastic less-expensive option. Fine grinding is recommended here.

Dek customers can purchase Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinated as an option to get out of the ordinary they are used too.


Keep in mind that this product is a Northern Italian style coffee. Its medium-roast allows the flavor to come through. You will not find burned tastes that mask poor quality. The oil remains inside the beans, enhances the flavor, and don’t clog up your grinder.

You can find this coffee in the form of espresso pods, as well.


This coffee is not my personal preference for decafs, but I do recommend that you try it for variation or budget purposes. Some people will love it and keep it as their regular first option.


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Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffinated - Whole Bean Coffee, 1.1-Pound Bag Book Cover Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffinated - Whole Bean Coffee, 1.1-Pound Bag
Luigi Lavazza SPA
African, Central and South Amrican beans.
100% Arabica
Not as tasty as Lavazza's DEK, but still a good option
Good price
If your are look for a less expensive option.
Intense and Smooth
US$ 0.16
US$ 0.20

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