What About Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish coffee fortune telling is an ancient Arabic-culture custom that many people enjoy everywhere. Only gifted women do it. Check it out!

The Future in the Mud of a Cup of Coffee

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

The Turkish style of brewing is also called Greek, or Arabic coffee. <link>

The most different peculiarity of Arabic coffee is neither the way it is ground nor the form of brewing. Greek coffee is singular since it allows people to tell your fortune by looking at the mud-leftover in the cup.

This Arabic custom of coffee mud reading is at least as old as Greek coffee itself and happens with every serving consumed. Although this can be done casually among mates, it is also done by professionals.

So, how does Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling work?

First, the Java should be drunk only from one side After that, the dish is placed covering the cup, the person makes a wish, holds the cup at chest level and turns it counter-clockwise a few times. Then the owner puts the cup and saucer upside down to cool.

After a few other ritualistic maneuvers, when the coffee cup is cold enough, the specialist starts interpreting the shapes for divination.

Coffee cup interpretation is a popular and famous fortune-telling method, which speaks of both the past and the future.
If, before the reading stage, the cup, and the saucer are firmly stuck, they assume that this particular fortune has to be secret. In these cases, the person is fortunate and does not require to have their luck read.

Turkish Coffee Fortune TellingIf a large piece of coffee mud falls to the saucer, the owner will soon be rid of trouble.

Many different indications are present in various region’s cultures with distinct similarities between them.

First comes the mud interpretation, about personal life, and then, following, the teller interprets the shapes in the saucer, that give clues domestic life.

Large blank areas show relief the person’s home.
Confused and chaotic shapes mean that there will be a funeral or illness.
A final inadvertent drop of coffee is a sign a wish that will come true.

The coffee-teller should not say things that will make a person too happy or too sad.

Turkish Coffee Fortune TellingWhether it occurs instinctively after supper or presented by an expert, the regular coffee cup reading is popular divination feature from the Arabic culture.

The first time I saw it was about 45 years ago. I had a close classmate who was from a Lebanese family. I used to go to their home frequently, and the grandmother was a coffee teller.

This Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling session was a magical moment after meals. We had such fun. Everything was taken very lightly and with great joy. No big deal mysticism.

Brazil is a country with many different ethnicities, and Arabic Brazilian coffee drinkers maintain that cultural habit very alive.


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  • 2016-07-15 at 7:46 pm

    Oh my goodness! This is simply another reason for me to drink coffee. Is arabic coffee essentially the same as turkish coffee? I’ve had turkish coffee before that was delicious and still had the mud in the bottom of it!! Would you recommend that I try the same fortune telling with turkish coffee or would that ruin the whole thing???

    • 2016-07-15 at 7:55 pm

      Hello, Brenna,

      Thanks for sharing. I think it’s the same thing as long as you find the teller. 😛



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