What’s the Cost of Making Coffee?

What’s the cost of making coffee? Knowing the coffee cost per cup may be a deciding factor when choosing what brand to buy. Check it out!

What's the Cost of Making Coffee?

After all, exactly what’s the cost per cup of coffee?

Well, my answer is:

It depends… That is basically related to the concentration of your brewing and the size of your cup.

We will be using the 6oz-cup (filled with 5 ounces) for this Cost of Making Coffee article.

NOTE: Finding out how to calculate other sizes is not that difficult using Cross-multiplication. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-multiplication>

Let’s try to sort it out by analyzing five different (grams of powder per cup) coffee densities:

  • Strong Brew
  • Medium Brew
  • Mild Brew (average)
  • Weak Brew
  • Diluted Brew

Cost of Making Coffee

Strong Brew
(9.3 g/cup)

A strong, or hearty brew, yields 240 ounces (7.1L), or 48.5 cups of mojo, from 1 pound of coffee powder.

So, if your pound of coffee cost $4.85 (!!), your price per cup would be $0.10! Therefore:

$/Lb – $/cup

$6.00 – $0.12
$8.00 – $0.16
$10.00 – $0.21
$15.00 – $0.31
$20.00 – $0.41

Medium Brew
(8.9 g/cup)

A medium brew, yields 256 ounces (7.6L), or 51 cups of joe, from a pound of coffee grounds.


$/Lb – $/cup

$4.85 – $0.10
$6.00 – $0.12
$8.00 – $0.16
$10.00 – $0.20
$15.00 – $0.29
$20.00 – $0.39

Mild Brew
(8.2 g/cup)

The mild brew, yields 272 ounces (8.4L), or 55 cups of coffee, from a 1-Lb pack of coffee powder.


$/Lb – $/cup

$4.85 – $0.09
$6.00 – $0.11
$8.00 – $0.15
$10.00 – $0.18
$15.00 – $0.27
$20.00 – $0.36

You can use this concentration for an average calculation with a small margin of error.

Roughly, you can calculate that the average price for a 6-oz cup of beverage is the price of the coffee powder multiplied by 2 and then divided by 100.

Weak Brew
(7.4 g/cup)

The weak brew, yields 305 ounces (7.6L), or 61 cups of joe, from a pound of coffee.

$/Lb – $/cup

$4.85 – $0.08
$6.00 – $0.10
$8.00 – $0.13
$10.00 – $0.16
$15.00 – $0.25
$20.00 – $0.33

Diluted Brew
(6.4 g/cup)

The weak brew, yields 368 ounces (10.9L), or 74 cups of coffee, from a pound of coffee grounds.


$/Lb – $/cup

$4.85 – $0.07
$6.00 – $0.08
$8.00 – $0.11
$10.00 – $0.14
$15.00 – $0.20
$20.00 – $0.27

What can we conclude from all the numbers above? In my opinion, it’s very easy to state that the amount of cash from the strongest concentration compared to the most diluted one, is not very significant cup-wise.

However, if you are a heavy-load hardcore coffee drinker, the coffee quality cost may be a deciding factor when choosing a brand, depending on your budget.


  • These calculations are based on all hot brewing methods. It all depends on the amount of ground coffee per cup you are using, of course.
  • Those amounts are indicated under each concentration title and are the result of dividing 453 grams (1Lb) by the number of cups yielded.
  • Metric measures are rounded-off
  • Servings per Batch are rounded-off
  • Coarser coffee grounds provide lighter concentrations of brewster.

This article was written inspired by, and all calculations were made using, the awesome tool by Gillies Coffee Company (www.gilliescoffee.com/calculator). Nevertheless, making your own calculations “by hand” or creating a spreadsheet is not difficult.


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4 thoughts on “What’s the Cost of Making Coffee?

  • 2016-09-07 at 1:02 pm

    Drinking coffee is a simple habit and your website matches that sensation. Learning about Brazilian Coffee Facts and how much is the cost of a cup of coffee can surely help us choose. Coming to think of it, maybe cutting on the coffee price may not be the wisest way to lower someone’s budget, since drinking coffee on the street is way more expensive. Thank you very much for the great info you provide!!

    • 2016-09-10 at 7:33 am

      Hello, Andrew,

      I hope it has helped you when choosing your coffee.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. Regards!

  • 2016-09-07 at 1:09 pm

    Hi C Netto Jr.
    You definitely have reason to conclude that the difference between a diluted brew coffee with one very strong is so minimal that no sacrifice would be worth taking a “coffee without coffee” 🙂 unless you really like it.
    Are these prices apply to all types of coffee? or one in particular?

    • 2016-09-10 at 7:36 am

      Hello, Renan,

      Yes, they all apply to any type of coffee since the variables are just the price and amount of coffee/cup you use.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion.



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