Wheypuccino: Whey Protein in Hot Coffee recipe !

A Whey Protein in Hot Coffee recipe is not original. Mixing them coffee has been around. The innovation comes from trying to make a cappuccino-like recipe.

“I created this recipe to improve my whey protein intake since my calorie percentage of proteins was a bit low and I wanted to raise it. The tip to put whey protein in my coffee came from Mr. Luis Gustavo Fortunato, a personal trainer from Marília-SP. The idea of mixing the greasy ingredients came for Dr. Priscila Franco, a nutrition specialist from the same city.

It took me just one sip to discover that this could be a healthy version of cappuccino and I decided to add the cinnamon and chocolate to the recipe.”

An option of adding a pinch of finely ground cloves is also viable and great to turn it into an all-around Brazilian coffee recipe. I also sometimes drop a few ground pieces of instant to give it a little hike of Robusta.


Hope you enjoy it!


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