Why are Brazilian Coffee and Tea so special?

What makes Brazilian Coffee and Teal stand out, making it one of the world’s best? What is the Brazilian difference, that has coffee and tea drinkers ask for more?

Why are Brazilian Coffee and Tea so special?

The Brazilian Agricultural Beverage Geography

Location plays an important part in these beverages production. The geography of Brazil is the secret behind its amazing coffee taste. Brazil grows its plants at a lower altitude where the climate is usually temperate. Since the those trees are planted farther from the equator, the problem of overheating or burning is avoided. Overheating or burning is a problem that most coffee farmers face. Arabica trees planted near the equator needs other shade trees as protection from stress brought by too much sun. Frost is also a number one enemy of coffee trees.

Coffee trees planted in Brazil do not contend with problems most growers have. In fact, coffee these trees planted in Brazil are openly exposed to sunlight. The uniqueness of the geography gives the Brazilian coffee its distinctive taste and aroma that cannot be replicated anywhere else.


The truth behind the 5 0’ clock tea time traditions

The British have always been seen as people with a 5 o’clock tea time habit. Nothing can be further from the truth because there is no real beverage and pleasure time for them. It’s because they drink it at every hour of the day! Tea is so steeped in the British culture, making it the first drink to have in the morning and the last before going to bed.


Are Brazilian Coffee and Tea traditions on their own?

Brazil, like other countries, has also produced their own version of tea. One of their popular tea concoctions comes from the leaves of an indigenous plant called yerba mate. This type of tea has become one of the popular beverages consumed in South American countries. Likewise, Brazilian southerners love yerba mate and have helped spread it throughout the country.

However, even though that tea has become a strong habit between Brazilians, it hasn’t become a strong influence like its mojo distance relative has been for that past 100 or so years. Mojo is still the king in Brazil.


What makes Brazilian coffee and tea so special?

Obviously, mojo drinkers around the world prefer Brazilian coffee than their tea. The unique flavor and aroma of the Brazilian beverage beans are unmatched brought about by its unique location.

Yet, teas from Brazil have become slowly integrated into the popular choice of hot drinks. It is because of the healthier options not only for the body but also for the mind. The holistic benefits given by Brazilian teas have made it a popular choice for people wanting healthier lifestyles.


Brazilian Coffee and Tea – Conclusion

Which is better, Brazilian coffee or tea? No contest, for they are both great. I believe that you could alternate from one to the other anytime. The choice is yours to make.


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